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Smarter insurance starts with experts who think a little differently — a company who understands your industry and what’s on the line for you. At Chambers Insurance, we understand the necessity of protecting your assets or businesses. For over 60 years, it has been our goal to help clients access the best available insurance coverage. In fact, we’ve built our business creating innovative solutions and programs to even the toughest risk management challenges.

We believe our clients’ financial security and quality of life deserve the utmost dedication, expert advice and personal attention from a trusted partner. As your insurance advisor, we help you make smart decisions – protecting you from the unexpected and planning for the predictable.

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I’ve had my personal and business insurance with Chambers Insurance for 37 years, and I’ve never considered changing. Their customer service is second-to-none. I can’t remember the last time I called in and didn’t have an answer right away.

John L.Personal Insurance Client

Now offering specialized insurance for Uber Drivers

With all the talk of Uber recently, you might have considered signing up to drive for the service in order to earn some extra money. You might also wonder about the implications when it comes to your car insurance and who would pay in the event of an accident.

Chambers Insurance understands the unique insurance needs of Uber Drivers, and other ride-sharing services, and has created a specialized insurance program that addresses the unique needs of these service providers.

If you’re an Uber driver, or a driver for other ride-sharing service, talk to us. We’ll walk you through your insurance options to ensure that you and your passengers are fully protected.

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